View from Rue Saint-Georges

A blog about expatriate life in Paris. Thomas Chatterton Williams is the author of a memoir, Losing My Cool. He is at work on a book about how we define race in America, told through his own experience of growing up with a white mother and black father, and of raising a blond-haired, blue-eyed daughter in France.

Next Line, Please


Each Tuesday, our readers contribute a new line of verse—or a completed poem—in collaboration with a renowned poet.

Portrait of the Artist

Each Monday, we interview an artist about his or her work.

Zinsser Revisited

William Zinsser was our first and in many ways our most beloved Daily Scholar. His essays—on writing, the arts, and popular culture—were the boost we all needed to make it to the weekend. In 2012, Zinsser on Friday won the National Magazine Award in the category of Digital Commentary. It’s been two years since he died, and we miss him. For the next little while, we’re republishing one of his classics every Friday—this time under the title Zinsser Revisited.

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A blog about classical music from Sudip Bose, the Scholar’s managing editor.